13 Days of Doctor Who: The Alien within Us

banner by Studio DI am so thrilled to be a part of Erica O’Rourke’s and Eliza EvansThe 13 Days of Doctor Who! In anticipation of this year’s Christmas special, you have thirteen chances to comment and win prizes, and in the meantime you can fall into a Whoubliette of posts about our favorite Oncoming Storm. At the end of the post, you’ll find everything you need to enter to win the grand prize of the S6 Doctor Who DVDs or  a prize from me. (Um, spoilers ahoy!) Are you ready? Allons-y!


As the thoughts for this post coalesced in my mind over the past two weeks, and while I whittled it down into something manageable to read, the following tweet from The Mary Sue showed up in my stream:

Nothing could have made me happier. I have grown to like Amy Pond when I’m not figuring out how to steal her husband Rory’s affections, but I feel like the two of them have run their course. Moffat, who rarely listens to me, has given me a few weeks during which I will close my eyes, cross my fingers, and wish on blue leather journals for an alien companion in season 7. Classic Who had more than a few near- and non-human companions, but since the reboot, we’ve had a stream of humans at the Doctor’s side. An alien companion would make an interesting choice for novelty alone, but for me, there’s more to it.

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