I have been answering this survey online for a million bijillion years and never get sick of it. On OD it used to be the thing to do on Fridays. It feels right to do it on a Friday again.

current pic: last leaves on my trellis.

current pic: last leaves on my trellis.

  • current book: Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life. The suck thing is that my library copy is about to expire so I'm going to have to wait until it becomes available to finish reading it. I've seen so many reviews of it and the bad ones are so gleeful that I could not resist. So far it keeps my interest but sometimes the reading of it hurts my teeth.
  • current sounds: tires on rainy roads, washer and dryer, Charlotte Shane's Prostitunes (sign up!!)
  • current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: caffeine overload, see previous post
  • current colors: bone and mustard... and charcoal, always charcoal.
  • current triumph: living room painting done, except for touch-ups. THREE COATS of white to cover up that foul blue paint. 
  • current food: Tonight I made super fast pork tenderloin medallions with nothing more complicated than thyme, salt, and pepper for seasoning. I saved some for breakfast tomorrow and now I'm looking at the clock thinking about how long those ten hours are going to be.
  • current link: OMG IT IS AN OUROBOROS. At least I did not say yo dawg, I herd you like links so (giant cane pulls me offstage)
  • current outfit: charcoal waffle-knit henley, white sweater-knit pajama pants (dude it SNOWED today), goddamned isotoner ballet slippers
  • current clarification: I think November 5 is a perfectly normal day for a Canadian city to have its first snowfall of the season. It's not like I don't know it's coming. It maybe even feels kind of late? (I see you, El Nino.) But that does not mean I did not swear like someone was breaking my kneecaps when I saw it.
  • current fragrance: TokyoMilk Excess which is way nicer than you might expect from its very reasonable price
  • current wish list: a winterlong stash of Harney Hot Cinnamon Sunset, a pair of dark brown jeans that fit just like the black ones I just bought, a jewelry stand that really appeals to me, new glasses (I can have them--I just had my eyes checked over the summer after yet another corneal erosion and I know my prescription is still good, but I just don't want to shop for them. I know, I'm sorry.)
  • current celebrity crush: Everyone that matters on Mr. Robot is so ridiculously attractive
  • current needs: Sleep, GOD. I got 2.5 hours last night; am in an insomnia phase. Also need to track down a few low-carb soups for elderly diabetics who have trouble chewing. Welcome to my to-do list.
  • current film: I'm so excited about Trumbo and hope that it makes its way here eventually
  • current anticipation: Sofa shopping! Also new kitchen appliances! Where's that damn Penney's catalog again?
  • current bane of my existence: Insomnia phase
  • current indulgence: Cheese, smoked cheddar, anything blue, and very aged goat gouda. Ohhhhh cheese, you are even better than coffee and more portable
  • current #1 blessing: the roof over my head; it is pleasing me so much lately
  • current mood: 60% sleepy, 40% satisfied

currently, December 2010

current book: There are so many. I’ve got a teenage romance going so that I can write a review for this weekend (thanking the Tumblr gods that their site is working again), The Naperville White House, a few others queued up on my reader, and another little stack of paper books on top of that. This is not to mention a certain book in progress right now on my hard drive.
Groff, The Monsters of Templeton; Harding, Tinkers; Villasenor, Crazy Loco Love; Kallos, Sing them Home; Graeme-Evans, The Dressmaker; Kennedy, The Pursuit of Happiness; Weir, The Lady Elizabeth. This does not include a big, big shipment coming from Book Depository.
current music: Nitzer Ebb, “I’m Undone”; Morrissey, “We’ll Let You Know”—more on this later
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: A day in the city on Monday, much needed, and now that I think about, not at all inducing of shame. 
current colors: charcoal, chocolate, a whisper of cream, and maybe a hit of mallard blue.
current weather: -10 here (14F for those of you playing at home), windy but sunny
current annoyance: Our trash bag seems to go missing every week. And not when everyone else’s goes, either. 
current food: I’m eating spicy chicken strips on focaccia with Caesar dressing. Bad for me, but wowgood.
current drink: Water, always.
current link: I’m out of new-music mode, and am sinking gloriously into Strangeways Radio, which reminds me of my age and wipes the years away at the same time. There’s new stuff there, but you can feel the ley lines from those bands to the originals. 
current fragrance: Child. How this stirs me. 
current celebrity crush: Benedict Cumberbatch. Even my grandmother understands that one. Lordy.
current film: I can’t wait for Black Swan. Cannot. Please, filmic heavens, let it be as good as I want it to be.
current anticipation: New furniture sometime this month and a major reorganization. Jeepers. I absolutely cannot fit anything else in this month. So glad I’m not traveling.
current triumph: I have not quit the daily blogging of Reverb10. See, I quit things. It’s only been eight days, and right after I post this I still have to write for it today, but I haven’t quit. 
current bane of my existence: Usually when I answer this question, I use “bane” in the sense of something mildly yet chronically annoying. Today, I mean it in the strongest way, the way that means “bringer of ruin or woe”—I have an extremely sick and loving and lovely kittycat. We still don’t know what, if anything, we can do for him. It’s breaking my heart. I have had to make the pink-shot decision for two other cats, but both of those times it was crisis-critical, the very end of their lives. This time, for this cat, he’s still got time. We just don’t know how much.
current indulgence: Um, did you miss that sandwich up there? I say again, yum.
current slang or saying: Bideo, n. (2010)—the livestream from Christie’s during which I successfully bid on an antique chess set for Myron yesterday. That was nervewracking, let me tell you. Myron would have done it himself but he had an emergency meeting at the office, so I had to be the one with my finger on the mouse, and one slip of it would have meant a hundred-pound mistake. Thank you for shouting me out, Mr. Auctioneer. That made me squeal a bit.
current endorsement: Kristin at The Benefit Brow Bar at Murale on Bank Street. I’m delighted with my new arches. Go. I promise.
current #1 blessing: I always have more than one: Health for myself and the ones I love, a darling kitty who may not have health but still has snuggly love for us, a set of walls to keep out the snow and wind, a fine man who can read more languages than I have fingers but still rock a pair of jeans and a scarf as well as Jon Hamm, good friends, the luxury of safety and security. My life is a good life.