We don't do any celebrating of Christmas here, and American Thanksgiving happens on a day that's just a Thursday to everyone else but me. All the general holiday prepping that kicks off in November (or earlier for some people) is nice to watch but doesn't apply to me and mine. 

It will still be snowy white and frigid and bluesky gorgeous, though, and the living room will want a bit of red even if I don't hang stockings, with care or without. So on my list of winter prep, along with waxing my boots, tracking down glove mates, stockpiling ice melter, and picking up a few pairs of fresh thermal leggings, I tentatively wrote: "Amaryllis? Paperwhites? Easy or poss/prob kill?"


Poss kill, yes. Unfort. I have this reputation. But damn it, I bought the bulbs and put a checkmark down. I will give them a good try. It might feel sneakily celebratory here in about eight weeks.