Last night I had every intention of writing--I really did! Because why take on a daily writing thing and then flake out? But flake I did. When I looked at a clock it was 1230 and I said a very silent "fuck it" and went on with my Friday night late night thing.

Then came today. Sleeping in, morning at Third and Bird surrounded by shoppers and baubles, then fixing a quick  batch of soup for Myron's dad, heading out for Japanese for dinner, and home again home again. It was dizzying and fun and I should be exhausted, but I'm charged up and blissed out and wish I had a few more hours left of stuff to do. 

What I can do is finish up this bit of a post before midnight. And add in some photos from dinner because that's what you do. Yep. Done. 


shiitake beef
mushroom skewers