book people

Not much more than a few sentences tonight because what was I thinking with this every day posting thing. BUT. Can I just say that I love our local writer's festival, and I also love that every year I get to go to more and more events. (Remember when I talked about that hard-copy quandary a few days ago? You can't buy ebooks at an event like this and I like that the sale table helps support the festival.) Writers are kooky and neurotic and also very normal and I like being in their presence and listening while they talk about their work even when what they've written isn't my cup of tea.

I'm deep into Undermajordomo Minor and part of the charm of it is that I've heard Patrick DeWitt read from it in his very deadpan way, so now I kind of feel like I can hear his voice throughout the book, the way I always do with Neil Gaiman after hearing him read the audiobook version of Fragile Things. The rest of the charm of it is that the book itself is bent and wonderful and I lose track of time while I read it. That's what I read books for.