all I needed was the love you gave

"Only You" is having a moment lately and I'm not just talking about its use on Once Upon a Time, which I think was lovely, if imperfect. I mean, no television incident of that song will ever top my beloved, be-bathrobed Walter Bishop in a ruined world. I can tell you right now that if I live to see an apocalypse, all I will want is Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke. 

Let all of the television people use it, though, and plant it in the heads of the people, that they may love it too. This is a song that owns a square centimeter of my heart all to itself, and I will cheer every time it's covered or used because (a) royalties for people I admire (b) GRAND SONG.

I can't quite believe this one, but Kylie Minogue has covered it, too... with James Corden. My Whovian Companion Meter went a little weird on that one--and they've sweetened the song a bit, somehow, to make it suitable for an upcoming Christmas album. This isn't a Christmas album song to me, but! I said I would cheer for all covers so cheer I must. 

I will cheer much more excitedly over this one, though--not a cover, but Alison Moyet herself, who looks incredible OMG WHAT THE HELL POSS HYPERBARIC CHAMBER DEAL WITH DEVIL, singing this beauty at a recent Burberry show, to the accompaniment of a host of stringed instruments, in front of the famous and the one percent. No one is too good to sing along with this song, no one.