list four: a sequence of events

  1. Last spring, Myron took off for almost three weeks in Ukraine visiting his dad’s relatives. 
  2. When he got back home, he bounced back and forth between Winnipeg and Ottawa a couple of times, and then he moved back home for good in June to start his new job while I worked on getting the house ready to sell.
  3. He missed our anniversary.
  4. He missed my reading at Blog Out Loud.
  5. He missed the terrible roofer, the terrible handyman, the day I came home from Montreal to find the front porch sloppily remade without my consent, and a dozen other home improvements.
  6. He came back for a visit, and we watched the Mars landing on the night I heard that my cousin, a young man named after my father, had been murdered. I felt so small and so unready for him to leave again.
  7. I listed the house.
  8. I went to BlissdomCanada and made some wonderful friends.
  9. The house sold. We packed and cleaned every single inch, and trudged away from it in horrifyingly freezing windy temperatures dragging suitcases along the highway the night before closing.
  10. I spent a couple of weeks in Toronto in January. 
  11. I took the train to Winnipeg and got here in February. All told, we were apart for almost seven months and it was as awful as you think.
  12. I failed at: keeping the blog going, The Month of Letters, general grownuppityness including timely email responses.
  13. I passed on a pass/fail scale at: Scintilla, being a decent friend, unpacking.
  14. I rocked at: wall painting, coconut curry chicken, getting Myron out of the house for fun things.
  15. I started to write again.
  16. I ate a shawarma that put every single Ottawa shawarma I ever had to shame, and I do not exaggerate about shawarma.
  17. I waited at my father-in-law’s side in a hospital and realized that I was part of this family in a way I’d never realized it before.
  18. Today, June 18, around fourteen months since he sent it, a postcard from Myron’s Ukraine trip showed up here, forwarded from our Ottawa address. On the back it says We’ll have a little while together, and by the time this arrives I’ll probably be away again. Never was I ever so glad for him to be wrong.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to do a year’s worth of lists a la hula seventy. And I am so behind! I’ll never do them all but I am going to do as many as I can, god damn it.