list one: things I worry about

  1. that I have packed something that is crucial to us getting through the next four weeks, something crucial enough that it will result in wasting money and upsetting people whose jobs I have made more difficult out of my own airheadedness
  2. that our internet will not get connected in a timely fashion in the new house
  3. that I have spent too much money
  4. that I will spend too much money
  5. that I have written the wrong postal code on the Christmas cards I sent out with the new address
  6. that there is a glaring, expensive repair that will need to be made on the new house within the first year
  7. that the No Good Very Bad Ottawa Roofer will thrive in his business by taking advantage of others
  8. that I will go stir-crazy on the train trip from Toronto to Winnipeg and start bothering strangers and/or begging them to play Train Yahtzee (the rules of which I will invent [guess where])
  9. that I will get sick (again) sometime in the next four weeks because tis the season
  10. that I will get sick of being so near my in-laws
  11. that my in-laws will get sick of being so near to me
  12. that after six months of lonely solo living, having to go through living-together rough spots all over again will result in sniping and eyerolling and bad feelings between Myron and me
  13. that a 20-cm dumping of snow will happen on the day the movers arrive
  14. that my ambitious hopes for the year will be forgotten by March
  15. that I am going to break something impossibly old in the new house
  16. that I will hate my book when I go back into this revision
  17. that I will really miss my refrigerator even more than I think I will, and also, that this says something so materialistic and tacky about me that I should be ashamed of committing it to the internet (this worry tempered by Allison’s love of her own fridge)
    For a while now I’ve been wanting to do a year’s worth of lists a la hula seventy. Let’s see how long I can keep this up.