#augustbreak: inspired

I usually take a more workmanlike approach to writing than an inspired one. When I take time off here, it’s not because I’m not inspired but because the shit I have to say has been judged not suitable for internet consumption. (I’m taking steps to bring more unsuitable stuff to suitable status. More on that later.) And I’m trying to get over my aversion to inspiration as a term, even though I think it’s overused and almost trite anymore. That said, today I boxed up this book that a friend gave me years ago. She collaged the cover of a day planner, and provided a prompt for every day—one that would work for both fiction or journaling. It’s one of my most cherished possessions, and it’s responsible for some of the best writing I’ve done since I started writing online (notably one that some of you have already read). I can’t wait to tear into it when I’m settled in the new house.