oh, my god, it has been a month.

This never happens. But my life! It was all maelstrom-y and this website was the last thing on my mind. And then occasionally I would think I should really write something and then I would think I don’t want to write just because I feel like I SHOULD write something and then something else would hit me across the back of the head and eventuallly—gasp—I opened up a tab and logged in. It feels so unfamiliar; the colors changed back on the first of April but there hasn’t been a new post since then. I want to get some use out of this preppy pinkness before I change them again.

But then: what to say? Part of the difficulty is that the maelstrom-y topics are not blog fodder. I feel the need to be a little lighter right now, to be pink and green instead of dark. And so, though I have a migraine kicking at me from behind my right eye like a bastard, I asked myself what I wanted to tell you. And then I remembered that way back before Scintilla started, Tracy asked me a bunch of questions, and I never did answer them. And how fair is it for me to expect people to answer questions that I ask but then not to return the favor?

Not fair at all.

1. What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory is in a corner of a house that we lived in for a brief time; I was somewhere between two and four. I had a small table with a durable gingham print on top and metal legs that were painted with shimmery blue paint. I remember sitting at that table and drawing on it with crayons, and noticing how the crayon could move into a beam of sunlight and change color a bit. I hope it’s a real memory and not a shred of dream; I want it to be something I lived through.

2. Name one scent that brings back a very pleasant memory from your past.

Honeysuckle. It reminds me of walking with my grandmother over the hill on hot days, and nectar on my tongue.

3. What song gets you tapping your toes or dancing around the room without fail?

I don’t have one of these. I like music a lot but I’m more likely to respond to what is being played than by selecting a song myself.

4. You are in a crowd of people – you could totally fart and they would never know it is you who passed the nasty stink bomb. Do you do it? And HAVE you?

Well, of course I have! I’ve been six. Would I do it today? I would do everything in my power not to. I’ve been in that crowd and been the victim.

5. Where/what is the most embarrassing place/situation you’ve had an attack of the giggles?

There was a day in eighth grade when Michelle and I started laughing—I can’t remember what started it. All I know is that we started laughing during science class, and it continued through literature class, and then into choir. And I mean it was uncontrollable.

6. If you won a five minute shopping spree at ANY store, what store would it be?

I had to think about this a lot because there isn’t anything I’m really jonesing for right now, so why don’t I just scoop up everything I can at a jeweler’s? Yes, definitely. I’m not into jewelry but you didn’t say that I couldn’t sell everything. Five minutes would be plenty.

7. What is the one article of clothing you have in your closet that you cannot bear to part with even though it is old, outdated, worn out, etc…? (wedding attire doesn’t count)

I don’t have anything like this. I throw clothes away with joy.

8. What is your one television viewing guilty pleasure – if you have one?

I’m not guilty about any of the television I love! In fact, I am feeling the urge to have a weekend-long Doctor Who marathon.

9. Cake or pie and what flavor?

Cake. Spice cake! Oh. Or really, I would give your right arm to have a slab of Vanilla Malted Cake from The Grit.

10. Name your favorite Captain and Tennille song!!

“Love Will Keep Us Together”!

11. What is the one movie you absolutely cannot and will not watch and why?

Anything really gross and torturey, like the Saw movies? Or with Tom Cruise; I guess that’s the same thing.

Well, I feel much better now. What’d I miss?