#my7links: part 2

My internet keeps flickering in and out this foggy morning, so before it goes out again, I’m going to continue on quickly with the My 7 Links project.

Most helpful post: Aie! I don’t think I’ve been very helpful here. I glanced back through the RSS feed and kept vetoing post after post. I’m going to pick a post when you guys as commenters were very helpful to me: writing about writing, in which I threw out a few formless ideas for an article I wrote for the RWA-WF newsletter. It turned into something pretty great by the time it was done, and I owe a lot of that to you for these comments (and especially those of you who had time at the last minute to critique it before my final polish). 

A post whose success surprised me: Noël reminded me of mana in the comments earlier and it definitely fits this category. (And not just because I’d forgotten all about it in the meantime.) I remember writing it and feeling like I should write more, that I wasn’t quite making my point, but you guys got it. It was also a post that got me several emails via our contact form, from people who weren’t comfortable leaving public comments, and that was a wonderful feeling—not just that people went out of their way to talk to me, but also that they shared such personal stories. (Thanks, N. You were right.)