#my7links: part 1

Not the berries I mentioned in “Where I’m From”—these are part of the scenery on the walk from the bus to my friend’s farm stand.A couple of weeks ago, Jen of Little Yawps nominated me to take part in My 7 Links, and I knew that as soon as I got back from Toronto I’d give it a shot. I’m going to break this up into multiples, just in case you get sucked in to reading the old posts—reading seven entries all at once would be too much of a commitment for your average Monday, don’t you think? 

  1. Most beautiful post: Where I’m From. I didn’t really expect this all to come out of me when I started writing it, but when I was done I kept rereading it and feeling surprise at how true it was. It’s the sort of thing I wish I could show my mother. Once I got past a certain age I stopped showing her most of my writing, but I’d send her bits here and there, and this is something that she would have liked
  2. Most popular post: Without question, truth, fiction, hózhǫ́ is my most popular post. Noël nominated it for Five Star Friday and the rest is history. It still gets hits from StumbleUpon even after all this time. I still remember that day and the drive home after class. I was so close to leaving the reservation—just a couple of weeks away—and I felt like I had wasted years of my life at my job there. Fortunately, that feeling went away, but at the moment, it was pretty bad.
  3. Most controversial post: If you’ve read here for more than a couple of days you know that Heather and I don’t really do controversy. The closest I have probably come is in sunshine cleaning, where I wrote about throwing away my journals. The summer got away from me and I still haven’t done all of them—I only made it through two. For what it’s worth, I didn’t wind up keeping a single page of either of them! The writing was sentimental and juvenile, and although I hoped I’d wind up with inspiration for a potential book down the road, I’m now sure that my own childhood voice is not a salable YA voice, not by any stretch. And oh does it EVER belong in the shredder.

I now get to pick five people to take part in My 7 Links, too. My choices:

Get on it, ladies! Into your archives for some old wonderful posts, chop chop.