#augustbreak: crave the chill

I’m writing during the mornings, so my posts for the rest of the month will be coming in the afternoons (or evenings if I head into the city). You’ll live. The book needs me more than you do.

I finally got around to making coconut cream popsicles that Heather told us about a little while ago. They are intoxicating, even though I screwed something up somehow that caused all the coconut to separate out from the rest of the bar. Do you think I care? No, I do not. It’s hot.

How to make my Arnold Palmah: Well, you need Boston tea, of course. (If you don’t want to drop your R, you can make an Arnold Palmer with some other high-quality black tea.) Make it double strength and don’t oversteep it. Harney’s Boston has notes of cranberry and almond, but nothing too fruity or overpowering. It just tastes grown-up. Now:

  • Shake sugar and cold water in an airtight container until the sugar dissolves (a minute or two) because you are not the kind of person who keeps simple syrup in the house, although when you take your first drink you resolve to do so in future
  • Fill a glass with ice cubes
  • Shake five parts tea—two parts water—two parts fresh lemon juice—one part sugar syrup and pour over ice

Suddenly, it’s no longer too hot to write. How about that? I think my desk is about three feet deep, which is quite a deep old desk. It loves when I leave the internet.