#augustbreak: replete

My new favorite pasta: tripolina lunga, the magic expanding pasta. That’s about 110 grams before cooking, or four ounces. It looks like way more than it is. Which is great, because around here our eyes can use some deceiving.

The bowl is mostly sautéed vegetables—zucchini, cubanelle, red bell pepper, and tomatoes. I mound the veggies below and put the pasta on top, and Myron is none the wiser. (Sorry, love. There is trickery between us.)

One chicken breast, sliced in half to create two thinner cutlets. Pound if you like, to create more surface area. Coat with a little dijon mustard and (panko+thyme+kosher salt+dehydrated garlic+cayenne+grana padano). Bake until lovely.