There were animals everywhere.

The weather report warned me about rain coming Saturday. I couldn’t let it stop me, though—I was craving a day out and that’s the kind of craving I can’t resist. I put on the wool cloche hat that Myron brought me from a trip overseas, bundled up in a scarf and gloves, and headed out on my own to a huge used book sale put on by the friends of the library. It’s called the annual “mammoth” book sale, and there’s something about the repetition of the word gigantesque on the French sign that gave me the grins.

I cropped this off-center because I liked seeing my hat in the reflection.I got there after twelve, so the sale was in full swing and the room was packed. It wasn’t that big an area, either, and since the weather had everyone wearing more clothes than usual on a mid-April Saturday, it was sweltering and no one was in a great mood. I had a little luck on my book hunt, but I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped. One notable score: I found a reprinted copy of an Enid Blyton book, Five Go Off in a Caravan. I’ve been seeing her name mentioned lately in discussions of kids’ books (by Stereo for sure, and I think by Roxanne too). It’s a reprint from 1978, but the original book is from 1946—this cover has the actors from the TV shows they made from the books. I’m looking forward to this one, because it’s so unlike anything else I’ve read.

I hopped back on the bus and headed into the city, meeting up with Myron at the main branch of the library for the second leg of the day. The cold rain started by the time we made it to Lansdowne Park for the (gigantesque) craft fair they were holding there. We made the trip because Myron was interested in talking to some people who worked with wood regarding a couple of his own interests, but he walked patiently with me through the countless jewelry stalls and art displays. This post would be way too long if I linked you to all my favorites at once, so I’m splitting it up and sending you today to the sites of two painters whose work thrilled me: Alicia Wishart and Tracy-Lynn. Both of them do amazing animal works in a colorful style, and when I saw them I had two urges—first, to immediately redo my powder room in aquatic blue and hang small fishes on its walls, and then to show them to you so that you could fall in love yourself. Their styles are different, but they go together wonderfully, don’t you think?

Bloop! I love seahorses.I’ll come back on Wednesday with more links to the gorgeous from Saturday. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this shot of the detail of Alicia Wishart’s work. May the sun always shine on artists who make prints of their work in small mailable form, so that even if I can’t buy everything I want in wall-size, I’m able to pick up cards for my snail mail stash. (OH! I should have looked to see if they made snail ones. Kicking myself now.) When the day comes that I’m willing to part with this little guy, he’s heading into the treacherous waters of Canada Post, but in the meantime, he’s mine all mine.