pictures I never showed you

Take a look at this, my lovelies, my loves:

You don’t need to understand the first thing about the half-math/half-magic that converts Fahrenheit to Celsius. What matters is that all the days—all the days!—are above zero. Zero is freezing. A week above freezing. It’s about time and worth every italic.

I’m looking forward to taking my camera outside now that there will be a little more color in the world. Even soggy brown spring days are better than you-know-what. I scanned back through my folder of photos and these city shots are the ones that have me excited for more.

Something I do love about the bus (amid all the things I detest about it) is the liberty to look at people from behind and see all the things that aren’t front and center about their appearance. Gray hair is a biggie. The curve of their own neck. This girl had a red pin stuck in her backpack and before she got off the bus I asked her if she minded if I shot it. Beneath her green hoodie she wore a colorful headscarf.

I took this one a few weeks ago when I took that picture of the shell. The bus dropped me off on the wrong side of the highway, and I had to walk across that overpass. I’m not great with heights to begin with, but when the sidewalk is covered with black ice and cars are noisily flying below—well. I hold on to the handrail and hope for the best and breathe very deeply when I’m done. 

The Kindness Meter is a regular parking meter repurposed to collect money that people would ordinarily give to panhandlers. Don’t you think it’s absurd that the Kindness Meter is out of order? Even so, though, there’s love. Much, much love. See?

I was on the bus when I saw this scrawled on the building a few days after Valentine’s. I got off earlier than I intended and walked back to the sketchy neighborhood to get this. Then I walked back to the bus stop and saw this one on the other side of the road: 

I want there to have been a scavenger hunt. I want there to be a dozen more of these all around town. I want someone to have swooned while tracking them down. I want them to have led to a warm cup of hot chocolate and kisses and unmentionable things.

I’ve got a spare camera battery now. And those warm days are just in time.