let's go, then

Would you look at this?

I even put it in Fahrenheit, just for you. For a long time, Celsius temperatures meant absolutely nothing to me.

It won’t be lovely like this for very much longer, so I intend to be outside in it as much as I can. This means a walk today to the store to pick up a few things, absentmindedly watering the lawn while I untwist plot points in my head, and any excuse at all to be downtown amid the late summer crowds tomorrow. I’ll be eavesdropping, so hopefully I’m around boisterous, confessional people. They’re the most interesting to spy on.

And oh, holy holy have I loaded my eReader with some fabulous books for reading in the sunlight:

It won’t be all fun and games—I still have my words to write daily. And did I mention I still have to take the notes I’ve made for my critique group and email them along to one of my partners? Really those are all just fun, too. You probably won’t be surprised to know that some plucky, sexy guitar will be running through my head as long as the sun keeps streaming down.


It’s going to be an amazing weekend. I hope yours is packed with the good stuff.