reverb10: wonder

Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

Reverb10 prompt from Jeff Davis


A grown-up camera. I am still learning; I’ve only had the thing for a little more than a month and I have no idea what it can do, but I practice with it, and I pay attention. I’m learning to see with its eye. 

harvest apples at Veggie Trail Farms

sorting black beans

deskscape during a blackout

autumn walk near the Sportsplex

tarka dhal, major-closeup

harbourfront in Toronto, late October

Prints Charming on Roncesvallesspot the sweetheart

graffiti in Toronto

fresh from the earth at Veggie Trail Farms

 If you responded to this prompt on your own blog, please point me to it in the comments! I’m trying to catch as many Reverbers as I can during this month as a member of the crew.