#reverb10: appreciate

Prompt: Appreciate. What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?
I struggle with writing about this. Contrary to what you might expect from someone who goes to the trouble to write (daily this month!) and share that writing, a great deal of my life is kept off the internet. It’s always been this way. In the place where I used to do most of my writing, a word that was often used (petulantly) to describe my writing was “cryptic.” I don’t see it that way; I always felt like I wrote enough to say what I wanted to say. To talk about my even-more-private-than-me husband is a challenge enough; to explain to you what makes him the winner of the Most Appreciated title for 2010 would take more details than I would commit to a website. 
Know this much: We married later than a lot of people do. I think it helped that we knew ourselves better than we ever could have earlier.  Know that I bring out the silly in him and he brings out the serious in me. Know that the nicest compliment he gives me is to treat me like his intellectual equal, which I am not. Know that he shovels the driveway, cleans the cat box, and invests incredible brain power to do his job to keep the heat on and the roof above our heads. Know that he delves deeply into his avocations and keeps himself interesting, but isn’t above watching The Big Bang Theory when it’s called for. (Sometimes, yes, it’s called for.) Know that he charmed my mother with one grin, and my grandmother before he could even get the first grin out. Know that there is not a single artificial thing about him, and that is a rare thing in a human being. 
He provides me with everything I need, and more, to ensure that my life stays as charmed as it is. This life is a gift. It is the best gift anyone ever gave me, and he keeps giving it. Some of you have marveled at the steady accumulation of words turning into a book. Yes, I write because I have stories to tell and I think it’s not a waste of time. But I’m able to write because of this man. If anything good comes of those words, it’s because of him. I cannot tell you how many times he’s told me Write your book. And not Write a book, but Write your book. So I do. That’s how I express gratitude. It’s not enough, but it’s what I have.